Neurological physiotherapy in Wigan Standish Neurorehab lead the way in Stroke Physiotherapy
  Neurological physiotherapy in Wigan Standish Neurorehab lead the way in Stroke Physiotherapy  

A typical treatment session

Following an initial phone consultation where we will establish if Standish Neurorehab can help you I will come to your home and carry out an initial assessment. The initial assessment is an in depth look at what your abilities and limitations are and also what you hope to gain from neurophysiotherapy. I will take a full medical history, carry out a full physical examination and discuss and set treatment goals with you.

A typical session may involve hands on massage and mobilization, facilitated movements and specific exercises to strengthen weak muscles and improve movement patterns. I will provide advice on how you can make daily activities easier and more efficient and provide a home exercise plan to help you gain the most from your sessions.

I can offer advice on equipment you may find helpful and possible orthotics which may be of benefit. I can liaise with carers regarding moving and handling advice including advice on "therapeutic handling" a term used to describe how we can integrate physiotherpy into your daily activities.

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