Neurological physiotherapy in Wigan Standish Neurorehab lead the way in Stroke Physiotherapy
  Neurological physiotherapy in Wigan Standish Neurorehab lead the way in Stroke Physiotherapy  

What condidtions do we treat?


A stroke or Cerebrovascular accident occurs when blood flow within the brain is disrupted and brain cells die as a result of lack of oxygen. Stroke can affect people of any age although it is often thought of as a condition experienced in old age. People who have had a stroke often experience weakness, tight muscles, loss of balance and reduced mobility. They can also suffer from sensory disturbances such as numbness and hypersensitivity.  Neurological physiotherapy can help to rebuild strength, stamina, balance and mobility it can also help to improve sensory disturbances.

Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury is a broad term for someone who has experienced an injury within the brain, this can often be the result of a direct trauma to the head sustained in a road accident, fall or bang to the head, it can also occur as a result of hypoxia ( lack of oxygen ). Common physical symptoms of ABI are muscle tightness and weakness, reduced balance and mobility, ataxia and sensory disturbances.

Physiotherapy can help to improve mobility, core stability and balance it can help improve and maintain muscle length and joint mobilty.

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurological disease which affects people in many different ways. Some common problems experienced which phsiotherapy can help with are tight and rigid muscles, reduced mobility and increased risk of falls. Physiotherapy can help to mobilize tight muscles and help gain the movements which you find difficult, and will also involve exercises to improve movements and balance and strategies to help during freezing.

Anyone with reduced mobility!!!!

Neurological physiotherapy can help anyone experiencing difficulties with mobility or activities of daily living. If you are experiencing a reduced level of mobility due to illness, surgery or a prolonged hospital stay you may be able to return to your previous level of function with the help of a physiotherapist. Don't be written off there is always potential for you to gain some inprovement.

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Don't be written off, there is always potential for improvement

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